It’s all in the neighbourhood. Meet the


FIA Mitr Store

The trusted neighbourhood store ‘FIA Mitr’ is equipped to assist with any service that the customer wish to avail from the bouquet. He simply has to walk upto him and ask!

FIA Daksh Agent

The friendly neighbour ‘FIA Daksh’ introduce the customers to the various FIA offerings. He has been trained to explain everything about them and to clear doubts pertaining to them.



All FIA services are backed by strong and reputed alliance partners like State Bank of India, Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority, LIC of India, etc, and serviced by a robust platform and trusted agents to ensure that the customers hard earned money is safe.



FIA services are the simplest to use. A customer just needs to…


1. Walk up to a FIA Mitr store and tell him what he wants done.
2. Give him his details.
3. Authorise the transaction with his thumb impression

…and it will be done instantly. The customer immediately gets a confirmation via SMS on his mobile phone confirming the transaction that he had asked for.



The entire FIA Network is connected to the back ends of banks and financial institutions using state of the art, proprietary technology and equipment. Every process and system is audited and monitored to the minutest details to ensure that every transaction on the FIA network is safe and secure.