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Seema co-founded FIA in 2012. Influenced by her childhood spent in some of the most inaccessible terrains in India, Seema felt compelled to work towards reducing the inequities she saw. At FIA, Seema is responsible for innovation of socially impactful products and services to meet the needs of unserved communities and markets and leads FIA’s efforts to expand its global footprint. Before embarking on FIA, Seema had an exciting time in managing transformation programs in IT, Mobility and Operations. These apart, she has also championed the operations for technology start-up and piloted Business Development for IT and ITES companies.

She is also responsible for advocacy, governance, and building strategic relationships with governments, financial institutions and other key partners to support and scale social innovations. Seema holds an MBA from Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur, India and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Kerala University. She is a Sloan Fellow, MIT, Sloan School of Management.

Her research focus is on the impact of technology led social innovations on low income and underserved households.

She is a traveller, foodie and animal lover.

FIA Team Members

Seema Prem
CoFounder / CEO

Seema co-founded FIA in 2012. Influenced by a childhood in some of the most inaccessible terrains in India, she felt compelled to work towards reducing inequities.

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Dipayan Chowdhury
Chief Sales Officer

As the Chief Sales Officer of FIA, Dipayan’s role was indispensable in establishing retail financial services in underserved geographies and markets in India.

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Sudip Banerjee
Head - Risk

Sudip has been responsible in defining the risk horizon for the organization, setting the risk appetite and designing the risk management framework.

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Pradeep Mehta
Head – Finance & Legal

A number cruncher, a second to none’ ask whom’ with 25+ years of being the guiding light for several organizations on Finance, Taxation and Legalities.

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Simy Joy
Impact Advisor

Dr. Joy is an organizational researcher who has previously worked in the finance sector.

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Joseph Simon
Director & Chairman

Joseph Simon is the Chief Operating Officer of Encompass Digital Media.

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Salil Ravindran
Board Member

Salil Ravindran is a senior finance professional with 18+ years of experience.

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PN Subramanian
Board Member

PN Subramanian (PNS) is a successful serial entrepreneur involved in various industries.

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G.N. Bajpai

Mr. G. N. Bajpai, a distinguished leader in Indian business was the Chairman of SEBI.

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Ramesh Mugalam

Ramesh is the Chief Strategy Officer of Stillwater Insurance.

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Salim Gangadharan

Salim Gangadharan is a career central banker having 36 years’ experience with the Reserve Bank of India including five years’ stint at Central Bank of Oman.

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